You would be surprised at how many email contacts you have in your phone. You don't have to send a unique email to each of them. You can send the same message to everyone, but make sure the salutation is unique. Keep it short. Explain in a few sentences why you're raising money and what the event means to you. Why are you inspired to raise money for Hillel Lodge? Your inspiration will be contagious.

Here's a sample email

Hello <<insert name>>

I want to let you know I’m riding in the 15th Annual Biking for Bubbies event on September 15, 2024.

This fundraiser raises much-needed funds for Hillel Lodge, a long-term health care centre.

Most of us don’t think of long-term care homes until we need them or have a parent who needs one. But during the pandemic, especially, we all learned that long-term care homes simply don’t get enough funding from the government to cover the costs.  Our seniors, our grandparents and our parents need our help.

That’s why Biking for Bubbies is such an important fundraising event. I believe our elders at Hillel Lodge deserve the best care possible. I want their golden years to be engaging, filled with laughter and joy, and worry-free. 

Please support me this year. Together, we can ensure that the residents of Hillel Lodge can live with dignity.

Just click the donate button below.

Thank you and take care,

Your name



Facebook: Some people have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and they are all a source of potential donations.  Be personal and share your own story of why you are Biking for Bubbies and what your Bubby or Zaidies means to you!  Post a photo or (even better) a video of yourself on your bike and let your friends know what you are doing on September 15th. Please provide them with the link to your personal fundraising page.  Post weekly so it stays current in your feed. Ask questions and thank people when they support you.  

Twitter/LinkedIn: If you have a LinkedIn or Twitter account, you can post a message about your fundraising efforts with a link to your fundraising page.

WhatsApp: If you have a WhatsApp account, you can Add to your status and tell people what you are doing to support Hillel Lodge. You can also create a new Broadcast list just for this event and keep everyone up to date on your fundraising efforts!  

TikTok: Mention Biking for Bubbies on your Profile. Upload fun videos about Biking for Bubbies and invite people to visit your funding page.



Check with your employer if you can send a group email to the rest of the staff. Your colleagues will be happy to donate to you, knowing you will return the favour when they participate in a fundraising event.



One message is not enough. As we approach September 15, let your close friends know the event is rapidly approaching and that you need their help. They will understand that you're simply trying to raise as much money as you can for a good cause - Bubbies deserve it!