At Hillel Lodge we provide traditional, tasty home-made, well balanced meals and snacks. Our goal is to help maintain quality of life and promote good nutritional health through foods that are both appealing and appropriate to the needs of the residents. We operate our kitchen and serve food in accordance with the laws of Kashruth (Jewish dietary laws), and we are proud to be certified Kosher by the Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut.

Residents will enjoy a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages. Our balanced and nutritious meals are prepared fresh in our kosher kitchens. Lunch and supper alternate between dairy and meat meals.  All meals include soup or salad, a choice of entree, vegetable, and dessert. Seasonal 4-week menu cycles are reviewed by our Registered Dietitian. Meals are served to residents in dining rooms in their neighbourhoods. Menus are posted and featured on flat screens near the entrance of the dining rooms. 

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the celebration of community and cultural events. On Fridays, there is the traditional Friday night meal welcoming the Sabbath.  Special menu items are featured on Jewish holidays, theme days and summer barbeques.

As a resident, you are invited to our regular Food Committee meetings, where you are welcome to give feedback on meals.


Family and friends are welcome to join residents for a meal. The Registered Staff on the unit must be notified in advance to ensure adequate space and food.

Our Passover Seders and Rosh Hashana dinners are particularly special and family members and friends are welcome to join in our celebrations. During holiday times, arrangements and confirmation of space must be made 7 days in advance. Guest meal tickets are available at Reception.


Our goal is to help maintain your quality of life and promote good nutritional health through foods that are both appealing and appropriate to your needs. Since well being and quality of life depend highly on good nutrition a complete nutritional assessment is conducted shortly after admission and on a regular basis there after.

The residents likes and dislikes are respected and we serve modified and therapeutic diets as required. Our team evaluates any swallowing or chewing difficulties encountered by the residents. If residents have chewing or swallowing concerns texture modifications are available to allow residents to continue to enjoy their favourite foods.


Many families ask about bringing in special foods for their relatives. As the Lodge adheres to the laws of Kashruth, only foods brought in by the Food & Nutrition Services Department may be served in the common areas of the Lodge. Families and friends may bring foods to be served in the residents’ room. Food should not be left in a resident’s room unless discussed with the Registered Staff. 


In house catering services are available at the Lodge. All inquiries should be made to the Director of Food Services at 613-728-3900 ext. 716.
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