At Hillel Lodge, we provide recreation and leisure programs that reflect the individual needs and wishes of each resident. We strive to create opportunities for individuals to be themselves, remain connected and independent and have meaningful purpose for fulfillment and to have fun.

We offer a variety of programs and services based on a comprehensive assessment and social history to develop an individualized plan of care. Programs are designed to meet resident’s current and past interests, previous lifestyles, and daily schedules. We offer programs that reflect the psychosocial, physical, cognitive, cultural, and spiritual well-being of each resident.

The recreation department utilizes volunteers and community resources to create excellent recreation experiences for our residents.

Some examples of Recreation Programs offered:

Pet Therapy– If you love pets, we offer regular pet visits. The Brightening Lives Animal Visit Program as well as other Hillel Lodge volunteer pet visitor programs bring happiness and joy to the residents.

Special Entertainment and Special Events – Hillel Lodge offers a wide range of entertainment. We have wonderful volunteers that dedicate their time and their talents to the home.  We also bring in individuals and groups from the outside to perform. 

Music Therapy – Music therapy uses music to help promote good cognitive functioning of the brain. Through music therapy, elderly adults can express emotions, improve their listening and comprehension, promote good memory, and improve their verbal and social skills. 

Art Therapy - In art therapy, residents are guided by a professional art therapist who helps them engage with different art forms while addressing their mental, physical, or emotional health concerns at the same time. For older adults, creating art and participating in art therapy can be particularly beneficial.

Our team works to ensure that we offer activities that will support the unique needs of each resident, as well as those of the broader Hillel Lodge resident community. While we offer several tried-and-true programs, we also strive to offer a wide and ever-changing variety of programming to support the notion that life is not static. At Hillel Lodge, our residents and families are instrumental in guiding the development of all programs, activities, and events.

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