Why Give – Why Your Gift Matters

Why Give – Why Your Gift Matters

How you help

  • Donors make a positive impact with every gift to Hillel Lodge.
  • Thanks to you, residents receive a higher level of care today and with each gift you inspire the caring team at Hillel Lodge to do more in the future
  • These are a few examples of how your gift has made a difference.
    • Feeding Assistance Program
    • Staying in Touch Program
    • Advanced Nurse Call Bell System
    • Recreation Supplies for High Holidays celebrations
    • New equipment for Therapeutics

Priority Needs 2021

  • Equipment to provide Care – A gift to purchase equipment will have a direct impact on residents who need it most.
    • Bath Tubs
    • Bath Tub Lifts
    • Shower Room Renovations
    • Shower Chair with Hard Back
    • Ceiling Lifts (2E)
    • Pressure Relief Mattresses
  • Person Centered Care – You will be supporting the future of Hillel Lodge and helping to deliver Person Centred Care
    • Develop Neighbourhoods
    • Resident Friendly Garden
    • Music Therapy
    • Art Therapy
    • Nursing Corners
    • Recreation
    • Feeding Assistance Program
    • Therapeutics
    • Staying in Touch Program
  • Capital Projects – Systems and Equipment that need upgrades to ensure the safety and higher level of care for residents
    • Upgrade Elevators
    • Replace Warming Carts
    • Replace Sump Pumps
    • System to allow Shabbat observers entrance
  • Education – Hillel Lodge is a leader in how Long-Term Care should be delivered, and this is a result of our caring team always being encouraged to learn new skills and recertify existing ones. Your investment provides
    • Conferences, training and workshops for Staff
    • Tele-education for staff and volunteers

To learn more about the items listed above and/or to discuss other ways you can change someone’s life - please contact the Foundation at 613-728 - 3990

Ways to Give