Why Give – Why Your Gift Matters

How can you help?

Everyone deserves to age with dignity, and Hillel Lodge believes everyone is entitled to excellent care.  We rely on contributions from donors like you who believe in the importance of our mission.

  • Donors make a positive impact with every gift to Hillel Lodge- YOUR gift matters!!
  • Thanks to YOU, residents receive a higher level of care today, and with each gift, YOU inspire the caring team at Hillel Lodge to do more in the future.  These are a few examples of how your gift has made a difference.   
    • Feeding Assistance Program
    • Staying in Touch Program
    • Recreation Supplies for High Holidays celebrations
    • New equipment for Therapeutics

Help us with our priority needs.  Your support matters and is needed.  

  • Equipment to provide care – A gift to purchase equipment will directly impact residents who need it most.
    • Bath Tubs/Bath Tub Lifts
    • Shower Room Renovations
    • Shower Chair with Hard Back
    • Pressure Relief Mattresses
    • New Beds and Mattresses
  • Person-Centered Care – You will support the future of Hillel Lodge and help to deliver Person-Centred Care.
    • Develop Neighbourhoods that meet the unique needs of the residents 
    • Resident-Friendly Garden - Dream Garden Project will transform the outdoor space for residents 
    • Music Therapy
    • Art Therapy
    • Nursing Corners
    • Recreation 
    • Feeding Assistance Program
    • Therapeutics
    • Staying in Touch Program
  • Education – Hillel Lodge is a leader in how Long-Term Care should be delivered. Help us train our staff on the best and most up-to-date skills.  Your investment in education provides
    • Conferences, training and workshops for Staff
    • Tele-education for staff and volunteers
    • Specialized training opportunities 
    • A feeling that Hillel values the staff and their continued development.

To learn more about Hillel Lodge, it's needs and how your gift  can change someone’s life - please contact Leslie at 613-728 - 3990

Ways to Give